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Monthly archive for November 2015

Ball Painting

Ball Painting
Great Art project from our preschool classrooms that you can try at home: Fill muffin tins with tempura paint, find some small balls such as marbles or golf balls, dip in the paint and use a spoon to transfer them to a paper fixed to the inside of a shoe box lid. Lots of rolling fun to keep little ones engaged with not too much mess.Read more

Toddler News November 2015

Greetings Toddler Families! Thank you all for participating in Parent/Teacher Conferences! It was great for us to check in with all of you about your child and what's to come for them. Open communication and connection is a priority for us, and helps us get to know the "whole picture" of your child. During the month of November, we will be introducing more group projects based in art and food preparation. These sorts of projects [...]Read more

Preschool & Kindergarten News November 2015

  Dear Families, The children have had an exciting month of October at Children’s Tree Montessori School. The apple picking field trip was a great way for school and family to come together and explore the orchard on such a beautiful day. The children in Oak and Cedar then enjoyed dissecting and learning the parts of a pumpkin and apple. Following the field trip the children prepared apple slices and applesauce as well as pumpkin bread [...]Read more

Elementary News November 2015

The Willow Room has been buzzing with activities this fall! Our animal population has been growing, and our classroom now contains a small zoo. We have animals from every class of vertebrates except birds. We have two Betta fish in their own bowls. In our large tank from the Maritime Education Center, we have a scup (porgy) and several killi fish. In the amphibian class, we will be welcoming 50 tadpoles that will develop into [...]Read more
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