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Toddler Newsletter, May 2017

We welcome sunshine! Maple friends are eager to be here at school and ready to play.  After spring break, maple friends enjoyed reading the book, “The very hungry caterpillar.” They also liked butterfly object matching and butterfly sequence cards. They observed eggs to caterpillars, caterpillars to chrysalis, chrysalis to butterflies in a butterfly net, and released them to fly away. We also have been reading books about spring, how to grow plants, and surprise garden. […]

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Toddler News, December 2016

Toddler News, December 2016 Jack Frost is coming to us. Our Maple friends are enjoying the last warm weather before he comes. It is time to prepare the winter gear. Please send in warm mittens and a warm hat. In the winter, as long as the weather is not dangerously severe, we will go out to play. Young children need the time outside, since it is our nature and they learn lots of things from it. […]

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Toddler News, November 2016

Fall has finally arrived here at The Children’s Tree Montessori School. Maple friends are enjoying the weather outside, seeing the leaves falling, feeling the breeze, and moving very busily collecting acorns. It is time to prepare the winter gear since we live in New England. In winter, as long as weather is not too dangerously severe, we are going out to play. Young children need the time outside since it is our nature and they […]

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Toddler News, October 2016

Dear CTMS Families, Our new friends have been working hard adapting themselves into the new routine. Some jumped into the environment right away while others needed more time to adjust.  Each has found their place in our family now. However hard transitions may be, we all learn so much from them.  Children learn important social skills, begin to understand other’s feeling and learn how to empathize.  It was heart warming to watch each of them help […]

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Peek at the Week May 23rd 2016

WILLOW PEAK Math in the Elementary Classroom Dear Parents, Last week's Terra Nova testing is complete, and we will return to our usual schedule this week. The first graders enjoyed their time in the primary classes. Last week, we tried our hand at book folding, and discovered that it requires a great deal of patience and focus. Some students chose to sit outside and sketch flowers instead. In French class, Miss Bethany introduced us to "plain [...]Read more

Peek at the Week May 16th 2016

WILLOW PEAK Math in the Elementary Classroom Dear Parents, This week, the elementary class, with the exception of the first year students, will be working on Terra Nova Exams each morning. First year students will work upstairs in the primary classrooms. We will be trying our hand at book folding, the art of folding book pages to create shapes and letters. We will be utilizing outdated encyclopedias from the "free books" shelf at Acton Library. We [...]Read more

Toddler News April 2016

Dear Toddler families, Spring is finally here and the children are excited to spend more time outside. We will be going on the field before lunch, weather permitting. In March we worked on color recognition using the Rainbow work and making colored paper butterflies and flowers. The children were busy cooking oatmeal, making muffins and deviled eggs. We are working on how to push our chairs back after finishing snack or a work to keep the classroom […]

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Montessori Toddler News March 2016

Dear Toddler Families, This month we are working on our waiting and watching skills when another friend is using a work that we want to use. We are making progress with our grace and courtesy skills.  This helps build a peaceful community within the classroom. For the month of March we are bringing green paint and green paper into the classroom to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. On Wednesday, March 2nd, we are celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday with […]

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Toddler News January 2016

Toddler News January 2016

Greetings Toddler Families,   We have introduced many new activities to the classroom to match the students’ growing capabilities and confidence. The children are ready for “more meaningful” activities, and these activities actually help them to take pride in their classroom environment and feel a greater sense of purpose and engagement. Over the course of the month, we will continue to introduce new, more involved practical life activities and work with the students on refining […]

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Toddler News November 2015

Greetings Toddler Families! Thank you all for participating in Parent/Teacher Conferences! It was great for us to check in with all of you about your child and what's to come for them. Open communication and connection is a priority for us, and helps us get to know the "whole picture" of your child. During the month of November, we will be introducing more group projects based in art and food preparation. These sorts of projects [...]Read more
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