Dear CTMS Families,

Our new friends have been working hard adapting themselves into the new routine. Some jumped into the environment right away while others needed more time to adjust.  Each has found their place in our family now.

CTMS Toddler News 2016

However hard transitions may be, we all learn so much from them.  Children learn important social skills, begin to understand other’s feeling and learn how to empathize.  It was heart warming to watch each of them help each other with a gentle touch, a hug or a kind look.

During October, we will bring autumn into the classroom by:
– reading books about fall and harvest
– discovering fall language cards
– decorating and painting paper leaves
– and continue hammering pumpkins

Maple friends will be introduced to baking and cooking activities. We have plans to bake muffins on Tuesday and cook oatmeal on Thursday for snack.


We will introduce new practical life activities of hand transferring pompoms and pouring lima beans.

We will sing:Montessori Toddler Program
– Good morning, good morning, good morning to “child’s name.”
– Ten little fingers on my hands for snack and lunch.

– ‘Ring-a- round the rosie’ game.

How can you help your child to be succeeding at home?
– Please encourage them to pour water in his/her cup.
– Please give them the opportunity to help you set the table.
– Maple friends have been working with a banana slicer and an apple cutter, thus if you put it on a lower shelf for them to reach, they will be able to prepare their own snack.
– Please encourage them to put his/her clothes in the laundry basket on their own.

‘Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.’
By Maria Montessori

It is a gift to watch your children grow. Thank you for allowing us to be in your child’s very joyful early life.

Miss Caila and Miss YoonJu