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Elementary School Newsletter, April 2017

Dear Parents,
March was a month of autonomy for the Willow Room. Our youngest students have gained a great deal more independence. They are developing confidence in their ability to make decisions. They are enjoying using their work plans to plan out the week’s work each Monday.

The Upper Elementary students are preparing for their trip to the Montessori Model United Nations in Rome later this month. In yoga, they are learning a Senegalese dance to perform at the conference. In fiber arts, they sewed a large flag of Senegal. They have also created a display board showing pictures of the Fundamental Needs of Humans, such as shelter, food, transportation, religion, culture, etc, being met in Senegal.

Our study of reptiles and amphibians was enhanced by our field trip to Meig’s Point Nature Preserve with the Kindergarteners, where we had a presentation featuring live frogs and turtles from Connecticut. When Pandemonium visited CTMS, we saw several snakes, bearded dragons, a skink, and a tortoise. It was exciting to touch all of the reptiles!
On April 28, the first year students will get their turn to visit Heifer Farm, in Rutland, MA. They will get to know the animals on Heifer Farm, and explore the Global Village. The Village consists of authentically constructed and furnished homes from the various parts of the world where Heifer International provides aid.
The Willow Room received a brand new set of continent biome maps. Each beautiful map, printed on flexible sheets of wood, depicts the biomes of that continent, such as desert, grasslands, forests, mountains, and wetlands. Each continent includes an outline of the continent to trace, a stencil of rivers and lakes, and a stencil of mountains. After tracing each of the stencils, students color the biomes. This material became an instant favorite in the Willow Room!
We are currently reading The Eighth Continent. It’s a story about a futuristic family that wants to take the world’s trash and transform it into organic material to build a new continent, using a special “Eden Compound.” We’re using the book as a way to discuss trash pollution and its effects on the earth.
After Spring Break, we’ll be starting work on our classroom’s auction project. We are in need of buttons of any size, color, or shape. Please send some in if you have any to spare.
Peace and love
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