Greetings Toddler Families,


We have introduced many new activities to the classroom to match the students’ growing capabilities and confidence. The children are ready for “more meaningful” activities, and these activities actually help them to take pride in their classroom environment and feel a greater sense of purpose and engagement. Over the course of the month, we will continue to introduce new, more involved practical life activities and work with the students on refining their ability to complete the activities with attention to detail.


AA0_3810Now that it is finally cold, we will be exploring winter weather and concepts in the classroom. We are talking about ice and snow, making art with white and cooler colors, and focusing on northeastern woodland animals and songbirds they might see in their yards.


Please remember to send your child with a warm coat, a hat, and mittens each day. Also, please send snow pants once snow begins accumulating, or on especially cold or wet days.


Thank you,
Miss Mari, Miss Caila, and Miss YoonJu

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