Math in the Elementary Classroom

Math in the Elementary Classroom

Dear Parents,

This week, the elementary class, with the exception of the first year students, will be working on Terra Nova Exams each morning. First year students will work upstairs in the primary classrooms.

We will be trying our hand at book folding, the art of folding book pages to create shapes and letters. We will be utilizing outdated encyclopedias from the “free books” shelf at Acton Library. We look forward to trying a new craft!

We are continuing work in our outdoor classroom. We’re still pulling weeds and clearing out unneeded items. A big thank you to  and Sam Christman for helping with this task. We still need everyone to bring in a bag of mulch. The students are really enjoying using this space for work.

We are practicing “Just a Nautiloid” to sing at the end of the year celebration.

We are reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and Wayside School is Falling Down.


Peace and love,

Miss Melissa


Dear Cedar families,

Montessori Kindergarten

Montessori Kindergarten

We studying the life cycle of frogs and are watching our tadpoles closely in anticipation of them growing legs. We are studying the parts of a frog and are learning about different types of amphibians.

Thank you!

Miss Marci and Miss Bethany







Books we are reading:

  • Hop to It
  • A closer look at Amphibians
  • Frog on a Log

Songs we are singing:

  • 5 Green and Speckled Frogs
  • 5 Little Tadpoles
  • I have a little Frog



Dear Oak families,

Montessori Preschool

Sewing Buttons

This week our classroom will be completing many amazing geography maps, that we are working on. The Oak room has exploded with geography enthusiasm. We continue to make beautiful flower arrangements in class and our planting projects will continue.

Have a great week,

Miss Pam and Miss Carrie






Books we are reading:

  • Insects Are My Life
  • Twilight comes Twice
  • There’s a train going by my Window

Songs we are singing:

  • Down By the Bay
  • Popcorn
  • The Seed Songs



Dear Maple families,

Studying Papayas in the Toddler Classroom

Studying Papayas in the Toddler Classroom


It seems that time flies by quickly. We can’t believe that we only have a few weeks to finish the school year. We love seeing all of our friends grow and develop their own personality gradually everyday. We feel very honored to be part of their life.

On the practical life shelf:

Children were introduced to cereal scooping last week. Most of our Maple friends are really enjoying scooping cereal and eating it. For snack prep, children will cut string cheese and serve it using tongs.

On the language shelf:

The children are enjoying their language lessons. Our classroom has three new language lessons to share with you.

Sea Creatures Language Lesson

Sea Creatures Language Lesson

A hammerhead shark, a crab, a stingray, a sea turtle, and an octopus.







Tools Toddler Language Lesson

Tools Toddler Language Lesson

A saw, a wrench, a c-cramp, a plier, and a leveler.








Doctor's Kit Toddler Language Lesson

Doctor’s Kit Toddler Language Lesson

A stethoscope, a thermometer, and an otoscope.






For the classroom prep, we need:

– A dozen hard-boiled eggs.
– A box of cheerios cereal.
– For the father’s day art project, please bring a picture of dad.

Miss Caela and Miss Yoonju

Home lesson idea series #5:
Language Lesson (objects)

The three-period lesson is a Montessori teaching technique used to give language lessons. Use the 3 period lesson with the objects pictured above.

1st Period:
Introduction of the names to be learned.
Lay the sea creatures in a row or two on the table in front of the child.
Isolate one and say “This is a hammer head shark. Hammer head shark.”
Do the same for each sea creature and encourage the child to say the name each time. Repeat the name for each sea creature in turn with the child.

2nd Period:
Practice associating the names with the objects. Give each name and ask the child to point out the object named. This is first done without moving the objects. Then move the objects and ask the child to point them out again. Ask “Where is the sea turtle”, “Point to an octopus”. It can be fun and is the longest period. The child must complete the 2nd period to continue to the 3rd period.

3rd Period:
Confirmation that the names have been learned. Point out one object and ask “What is this?” The child says the name. Repeat for each object.


5/23 Montessori Outcomes: The Science behind the Genius
5/27 Harvey Beach Field Trip
6/8 Last day of school, Graduation Picnic at 4pm


This week:
Julia and Caliana

Next week:
Sebastian and Alice

Montessori Elementary Classroom

Montessori preschool

Montessori preschool

Circle Time in the Toddler Room

Circle Time in the Toddler Room

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