Math in the Elementary Classroom

Math in the Elementary Classroom

Dear Parents,

Last week’s Terra Nova testing is complete, and we will return to our usual schedule this week. The first graders enjoyed their time in the primary classes. Last week, we tried our hand at book folding, and discovered that it requires a great deal of patience and focus. Some students chose to sit outside and sketch flowers instead. In French class, Miss Bethany introduced us to “plain air” painting in the style of French Impressionist Claude Monet.

On Friday, we were able to put in a lot of work on our outdoor classroom. We pulled more weeds, and transplanted a small tree and sage and oregano plants that were growing in a large container. We planted the tree in the ground and moved the herbs to smaller pots. We then added new soil to our large containers, and planted vegetables. In one container we planted a “three sisters” garden of corn, beans, and squash. The beans will climb the corn stalks, and the squash fixes the nitrogen in the soil for the corn. In the other container, we planted lettuce, carrots, spinach, and snow peas. In some of our pots, we planted teddy bear sunflowers and basil. Next week, we plan to dig up the rest of the weeds and plant sunflowers along the fence. More color would be appreciated, so we’d love more seeds and bulbs. We’re going to turn a small patch into a Zen garden, so we need some pea gravel or small pebbles. We also still need mulch.

This week, we will return to regular work and lessons. There is a lot to do before the year ends!

Wednesday will be our final library visit of the school year. If your child takes out books, you will need to return them yourself. Please let your child know if you don’t want them to take out new books on Wednesday.

Friday is our school trip to Harvey’s Beach. Please let me know if you plan to leave with your children at the end of the morning, or if your child will be returning to school afterward. I look forward to seeing those of you who plan on attending.

In your child’s yellow folder, there was a permission slip and packing list for Bushy Hill. There was also your child’s Six Flags ticket from the Read to Succeed program. Please note that the dates you can use the ticket are limited to certain days in July and September.

Peace and love,

Miss Melissa


Dear Cedar families,

Montessori ClassroomWe studying the life cycle of frogs and are watching our tadpoles closely in anticipation of them growing legs. We are studying the parts of a frog and are learning about different types of amphibians.

Thank you!

Miss Marci and Miss Bethany

Books we are reading:
– Hop to It
– A closer look at Amphibians
– Frog on a Log

Songs we are singing:
– 5 Green and Speckled Frogs
– 5 Little Tadpoles
– I have a little Frog


Dear Oak families,

Montessori Preschool Classroom

Montessori Preschool Classroom

Once again the Oak room children are just exploding with amazing map work. We are working hard to complete as many as possible. We can’t wait to go to the beach this Friday. It looks like the weather will cooperate.
Parents bringing fruit to the beach:
Leanne and Damien, Thank you!

Have a great week,

Miss Pam and Miss Carrie

Books we are reading:
– Let’s Take Care of the Earth
– All Aboard
– Asia

Songs we are singing:
– Down By the Bay
– You Are My Sunshine
– Popcorn


Dear Maple families,

Toddler Gardening

Toddler Gardening

This Friday, our school community will go on a field trip to Harvey’s beach. Our Maple friends will enjoy the incredibly warm and shallow water for quite a distance. They will love to walk on a vast sandbar and to see sea creatures. We hope to see you all.

On the practical life shelf and personal-care shelf:

The weather is getting warmer, and children love to wear sunglasses, baseball hats, and sun hats at our personal-care shelf. They are enjoying scooping cereal and slicing eggs. It has been a delight to see all of our Maple friends become confident at cutting apples, bananas, and cheese, to peel eggs and oranges, and to squeeze orange juice. This week, the children will be introduced to grinding flax seed which they will sprinkle on their yogurt for snack.

On the language shelf:

Language lessons have become our Maple friends’ favorite part of the classroom. We are working on Sea creatures, Tools, and a Doctor’s kit. Children love to hide and find objects with friends and teachers. It is a very fun game that you also can play with your child at home. (*See home lesson idea series #6 below.)

For the classroom prep, we need:
– Carnations for flower arrangement.
– Oranges for juicing.

On the practical life shelf:

Children were introduced to cereal scooping last week. Most of our Maple friends are really enjoying scooping cereal and eating it. For snack prep, children will cut string cheese and serve it using tongues.


Miss Caela and Miss Yoonju

Home lesson idea series #6:

Language Lesson (Hide and Find)


Materials: Orange, grapefruit, lime, and lemon in a tray or in a basket.

1. Introduce the fruits:
Hold up one fruit, and show it to your child. Then put it down and say, “This is an orange. Orange.” Repeat with the other fruits.

2. “Can you give me a lime?” If your child can recognize it and is able to play, please continue to the next step.

3. You can put each fruit down in a different places like under the table or on the book shelf, etc. Then you can ask your child to bring it one at a time. For example, “ Can you bring me a lemon?” When your child brings it to you, you can ask “Can you give it to your brother?”


5/27 Harvey Beach Field Trip
6/8 Last day of school, Graduation Picnic at 4pm


This week:
Sebastian and Alice

Next week:
Elliot and Lilah

Montessori Elementary Classroom

Reading Together

Reading Together

Montessori Toddler Sweeping

Montessori Toddler Sweeping

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