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Preschool & Kindergarten News, November 2016

Happy November!

Wow, how did that happen! It has been a very busy month at our school. We had the opportunity to learn all about fire safety, visit the inside of a fire truck and learned about Kendo, the Old Saybrook police officer dog. His owner/police officer partner Shannon Miller, gave a fun presentation with kendoKendo and let the children visit her police car as well. They were very impressed that Kendo has a badge, a uniform vest, and his name on the car. We were also busy this past month with Halloween festivities. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on the fabulous fall festival. Thank you to Miss Marci for giving us a great presentation on Unicef. The children really enjoyed learning about caring for others and the power that we have to help friends all over the world. Our amazing students have been working with many new lessons this past month with a focus on sensorial, geography and science.

We have enjoyed practicing how the sink and float lesson works, discovering many fun things about Australia and playing games with the geometric solids. During the month of November we will begin some fun food preparation lessons to get us ready for the holidays. We will be chopping, whisking and toasting, just to name a few. Our Australia studies will continue with a focus on the food and people that live there.

We will be learning about nutrition this month and how to sort our food into nutrition groups. We will learn where our food actually comes from before they see it in the grocery store or on our snack shelf. This month will also bring some fun magnetism lessons in the science area and we will delve into some interesting facts about our family histories. Very fun! We look forward to preparing for our stone soup feast, with our special guests before Thanksgiving.

We are a community of of thankful people. We are all truly one big family and we are so thankful for each one of you!

Have a blessed month.

Miss Pam, Miss Bethany and Miss Meredith

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