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Preschool and Kindergarten News, October 2016

Montessori Preschool NewsDear CTMS Families,

The Primary children have started off the year getting to know new friends, playing lots of name games, getting new lessons, and learning how to live by the ground rules at Children’s Tree: Be Gentle, Be Kind, Be Safe. We have practiced how to ask for help, how to clean up work to make it ready for the next person and, importantly, how to have snack! We are starting out the year strong.

Themes that we have studied this month include feelings, the Earth, the Solar System, and beginning to study the continent of Australia (Oceania), which we will continue to learn about until December break. If you have ever been to Australia we welcome you in to share your experiences through pictures, art, cooking or stories!

In October, we will learn about apples, the body, pumpkins, and fall. Our shelves will be transformed with new daily living activities. We will be sorting apples, cutting apples and even having a taste test.

The Small Hands catalog has wonderful items to help you bring Montessori into your home.  The Apple Slicer (D318) is what we use in class and the Glass Pitcher with Lid (G274) is a great way to help your child independently serve themselves a drink, and a rake (SC616 or SC626) will encourage them to help you this fall with yard work.

We are looking for parent/grandparent volunteers to come to class and read with children each week. There is a sign up sheet in the entrance way for “Lucky Listeners”. Please consider sharing your time with our students. Each week primary students will bring two books home in their folder. We ask that parents read the book with and to their child and encourage your child to read their books to anyone, from the dog or their doll, to a family member. The love of literacy begins at a young age.  Together, lets inspire these young readers!

Miss Pam, Miss Bethany, and Miss Meredith

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