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Around the World: Summer Programs 2017

summer camp

Travel the world in 30 days without ever leaving Old Saybrook



Each week we will focus our studies on a different continent, embarking on a literature tour that will guide us to gain a deeper appreciation of their culture.

• Cook Authentic Recipes
• Try New Games
• Play Musical Instruments
• Create Art & Crafts
• Learn About Indigenous People

June 19-22
North America                     
We will begin our adventure in Canada, stopping off for a day trip in the U.S., then head south to Mexico, Central America and into the islands of the Caribbean!

June 26-29
South America                     
Continuing our journey south we will be exploring South America from the heat of Brazil to the cool mountains in Chile. The students will learn about the people, animals, and culture of this unique continent.

July 10-13

Ni-hao! As we arrive in Asia our senses are heightened as we notice the distinct difference in the sounds and smells around us. This week we will begin our travels in China, explore Tibet, India, and Pakistan.

July 17-20
How many different languages are spoken on this continent? We will hop on the train and trek around exploring the diverse cultures of France, Spain, Italy and Greece through architecture, food, and games!

July 31-August 3

Join us on a literature adventure through Africa! We will start in the west, dig for diamonds in the south, go on safari, then end in Egypt!

August 7-10
Australia & Antarctica
We’ll be heading down under this week! Come swim with us at the Great Barrier Reef, hike in the outback, paint like the aboriginals, and discover all of the penguins who live at the south pole.


Full Day: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Half Day: 8:30 am – 11:30 am


Full Day: $75/day or $275/week
Half Day: $50/day or $180/week


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