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Ways to Give

Annual Fund

The Children’s Tree Montessori School has begun to look beyond tuition income to voluntary contributions from families and friends of the school who want to invest in the school’s development. This year marks our second Annual Fund to generate ongoing support from the entire community for present projects throughout the school. Previously, almost all of the school’s families, teachers, and staff have lent their support to the Annual Fund.

The Children’s Tree Montessori School’s Annual Fund will begin in the fall of each year. For such a young school, our effort to develop a second source of funding through voluntary contributions has gotten off to an excellent start since we began in 1995.

We encourage you to participate in this year’s Annual Fund.  Your generosity and that of our community enables us to provide this valuable educational experience for the children. We appreciate contributions of any size.


Scholarship Fund

Our families make education a top priority and are willing to make a financial commitment. The Children’s Tree Montessori School wishes to support families who demonstrate financial need.

For the 2013-2014 school year, CTMS awarded $137.864 to 40% of students. Grants range from $500 to 50% of tuition, with the median grant of $4500.

The school supports this program from operating funds and donations to the Scholarship Fund.

Naming & Sponsorships, Endowments

There are numerous naming opportunities throughout the school.

Donors who wish to inquire about available naming opportunities, please contact our office at 860.388.3536.

Donation of Goods

In-kind gifts of supplies or books are always welcomed. Ask for teacher wish lists.


Fundraising Programs

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Stop & Shop has an A+ bonus bucks program for schools. All you have to do is:

1. Register your Stop & Shop card at  A Plus

2. Select our school as the one you would like to help

It is that simple. From there every time you shop with your card, stop and shop will donate a certain number of points to the school. These points add up to dollars. Tell all of your friends and families to do the same. The more people who participate the greater the reward is for the school.


Set Good Search as your browser (powered by Yahoo, it is safe and legit) by going to Good Search, making it your home page. Select our school as the organization you would like to support. Use good search as your search engine and they will donate 1 cent for every search you do. Also use good search as your porthole to all of your shopping and each store will donate a percentage of your sale to the school. Amazon, Toys R Us, and even E-bay participate!


We also collect box tops. They are the colorful stamps that you find on may products that you purchase. From office supplies to plastic wrap and everything in between. For each box top you bring to school, we receive 10 cents. It does not seem like much but last year we earned over $100 for school supplies! We attached a zip lock bag to the fridge with a magnet, which is a great reminder. There is a deposit box in the main entry of the school.


We recycle your ink cartridges at Staples each month and receive $60 in Staples merchandise free! Bring in your old ink cartridges from your home printer to help us out. There is a bin in the entryway for them.

Thank you for all of your support!

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Good Search

Good Shop

Good Dine

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