We welcome sunshine!

Maple friends are eager to be here at school and ready to play.  After spring break, maple friends enjoyed reading the book, “The very hungry caterpillar.” They also liked butterfly object matching and butterfly sequence cards. They observed eggs to caterpillars, caterpillars to chrysalis, chrysalis to butterflies in a butterfly net, and released them to fly away. We also have been reading books about spring, how to grow plants, and surprise garden. In May, we will germinate seeds and observe them. We will also focus on weather and seasons.

As we enter the warm weather, please be sure to send two sets of changing clothes for spring. We will spend more time outside, as the weather gets warmer. Please send a sun hat for the day. If you are going to send sunscreen, please be sure to sign the consent form that is required by the state for us to apply it to your child.

Maple friends were introduced a table setting activity about a week ago, and they all enjoyed it. At home, if they can set the table for the family, they will love it.

Wish list:

  • Carnation for the flower arrangement station.
    There is a sign-up sheet for the carnations in the classroom.
  • Oranges for a juicing activity
  • A bag of frozen berries for smoothie making activity

Happy Birthday!
Harlan Machaj

Last Toddler Talk Series: Summer send off (Tuesday, May 23rd, 5:30pm)

We are heading in to our final month of the school year! At this time of the year, children are very confident and comfortable in the classroom and with one another. As an annual whole school community filed trip, we are going to go to Harvey Beach in Old Saybrook. Please reserve the date for a wonderful experience with whole school community. It will be on Tuesday, May 30th and we will meet you all at 9:00am at the beach.

Thank you and have a great month of May,
Ms. Caila and YoonJu