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Monthly archive for March 2016

Peek at the Week April 11th 2016

WILLOW PEAK Dear Parents, This week, we will be making paper. Using a mortar and pestle, we will mash scraps of the pretty pieces of decorative paper we've been using to create paper quilts. Once we've mashed the paper into a pulp with water, we will spread it over a screen to dry into paper. Everyone is excited to try! Paper quilts has been an art project that everyone unanimously loves to work on. We plan [...]

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Montessori Toddler News March 2016

Dear Toddler Families, This month we are working on our waiting and watching skills when another friend is using a work that we want to use. We are making progress with our grace and courtesy skills.  This helps build a peaceful community within the classroom. For the month of March we are bringing green paint and green paper into the classroom to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. On Wednesday, March 2nd, we are celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday with […]

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Preschool & Kindergarten News March 2016

Dear Primary Parents and Families, We hope you enjoyed the winter break. Spring seems to be almost here, and we are talking about the change in weather: every day we are putting a weather sticker on our calendar to count sunny, cloudy and rainy days (so far we’ve had three times as many sunny days as other). We started our studies of Asia in February and are learning about its animals and biomes. Asian art and cultural objects are […]

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Montessori Elementary News March 2016

Another yarn bomb has dropped! Check out our latest installation in the playground. Stand under the “pom-pom tree” and you can’t help but smile! Soft balls of bright color bob gently in the breeze, bringing a spot of cheer and early spring. Pom-poms were created and hung by elementary children.  The Willow class is on a voyage through the Asian continent. Students are greatly enjoying the Biomes of Asia materials. These beautifully colored cards introduce […]

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