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Enrollment Card
Contact information, emergency medical and transportation authorization.

Parent Contract

Tuition-Express Authorization

Student Record Release

All About Me
Help us get to know your child and his/her needs.

Toddler Philosophical Agreement

Primary Philosophical Agreement

Elementary Philosophical Agreement

Birthday Walk
Please hand the completed form to your child’s teacher prior to their birthday celebration.

2021-22 Calendar (PDF)

Covid-19 Informed Consent

Medical Forms

Health Assessment Record
Required for children ages 5 and up, to be filled out by your child’s doctor.

Early Childhood Health Assessment Record
Required for children from birth to 5 years, to be filled out by your child’s doctor.

Medication Permission
Authorization for administration of any medications (prescription or non). These forms can be faxed from the Doctor’s office if needed. Requires your doctor’s signature.

Non-prescription Topical Medications
Authorization to apply ointments, sunscreen or lip medications.

Plan of Action
If your child has any allergies or medical conditions we require that your physician create a plan of action for us. This should state what the child’s condition is and the steps to take in case of an emergency.