The Children’s Tree Montessori School offers limited financial aid to families enrolled in the school. Parents may fill out the application, which can be found and submitted via the FACTS website by clicking here (you will be redirected to the FACTS web site.) Financial aid decisions are based on the need of the family for the coming year. If financial aid is needed for more than one year, the family must submit a new application each school year. Financial aid is defined as a reduction in tuition granted to families who have demonstrated eligibility through an objective assessment of their financial position.

  1. All financial aid will be awarded on a one-year at a time basis. Students receiving financial aid cannot be guaranteed that it will be awarded in the following school year, although the Financial Aid Committee will give their applications careful consideration.
  2. The maximum level of financial aid that the Committee may award to any one student may not exceed a maximum of 50% of his or her tuition.
  3. Awards of financial aid cover tuition only and do not include any fees for materials or special activities. Students under the age of two years and nine months are not eligible to receive financial aid.
  4. Any awards of financial aid shall be credited to that individual student’s account. Financial aid awards may not be given or transferred to any other student.
  5. Once financial aid has been offered and accepted, the student and family shall be treated like any other in The Children’s Tree Montessori School, with no special expectations nor exemptions from policy. The family may elect any of the school’s three optional payment plans to pay the balance. They will be expected to pay the balance of their accounts on time, according to the payment plan selected.
  6. Families receiving financial aid are required to volunteer to help offset the tuition loss.
  7. Financial aid will not be renewed in any case where a family receiving aid fails to keep the balance of their account up-to-date.

Applying for Financial Aid

  1. Applications are available after January 1st. All applications submitted for financial aid must be received by the Financial Aid Committee on or before May 1st to be considered for the following school year.
  2. Late applications will be considered if funds are still available.
  3. It is the family’s responsibility to ensure that all appropriate forms and supporting documents are submitted by May 1st.
  4. The first step in applying for financial aid is to fill out the application requesting an impartial evaluation of your family’s eligibility for financial aid in the upcoming school year. The application is located on the FACTS website, click here to apply (you will be redirected to the FACTS web site.) The completed application should be submitted to the school as soon as possible after January 1st.
  5. In addition to the on-line application, please be sure to include a letter explaining your family’s request for financial aid, along with any information that will assist the committee in considering your application.

Priority in considering applications for financial aid will typically be given to:
•  Families who have two or more children enrolled in the school
•  Families who have been with the school for several years
•  Children of faculty and staff members
•  Families with both parents working full time
•  Families who are enrolled in higher education
In all cases, careful consideration will be given to any special contributions the student or family has made to the life of the school. For further information, contact the school office.
Bartering is another option at CTMS. We do our best to ensure that all families can afford a CTMS educational experience. Contact the office for more information.


All families who are considering applying for financial aid should also apply for Care4Kids.  Care4Kids is a state supplemental program that offers financial support for children enrolled in our toddler, preschool, and before and after school programs. Please call the office for more information and help filling out the application. Visit to learn more and to apply.

Education Savings Accounts

ESAs allow you to withdraw your child from public or charter schools and receive a deposit of public funds into government-authorized savings accounts that have restricted, but multiple, uses, including for private school tuition and fees. Eligibility restrictions apply.

In 2018, 529 Savings Accounts, previously limited to savings for college tuitions, were expanded to cover K–12 expenses, including private school tuition. Up to $10,000 can be distributed annually to pay for the cost of sending your child to a public or private elementary or secondary school—including Montessori schools. Visit EdChoice to learn more.