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Willow Room News

Elementary School News, March 2017

Dear Parents, The Willow class had a delightful February! We learned about the extremely difficult life faced by penguins in Antarctica by watching March of the Penguins. They have amazing survival skills! We visited the Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital, where Dr. Neil Marrinan gave us a tour. We got to see a heartworm on a slide and an x-ray of a pregnant dog. We could see the babies on the x-ray! Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital […]

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Elementary School News, February 2017

The Willow Class is off to a great 2017! The upper elementary students are busy conducting research for their trip to the Montessori Model U.N. in April. We are exploring the impact of desertification on Senegal and the world, as well as potential solutions. We will begin writing our first position paper next week. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting our fundraising efforts by contributing to our coin and can drive, or participating […]

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Elementary News, November 2016

October was an exciting month in the Willow Room! We enjoyed special visitors from the Old Saybrook Police Department and Old Saybrook Fire Department. Outings to Scott’s, Acton Library, and the CT River Museum were enjoyed by all the students. We talked about the origins of the use of B.C. and A.D. and examined a timeline showing the development of written language throughout history, from cave paintings to texting. We used a stream table to […]

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Toddler News, November 2016

Fall has finally arrived here at The Children’s Tree Montessori School. Maple friends are enjoying the weather outside, seeing the leaves falling, feeling the breeze, and moving very busily collecting acorns. It is time to prepare the winter gear since we live in New England. In winter, as long as weather is not too dangerously severe, we are going out to play. Young children need the time outside since it is our nature and they […]

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Elementary School News, October 2016

Dear CTMS Families, The year has gotten off to a wonderful start in the Willow Room! We are looking forward to great times ahead. The first year students feel right at home after their weekly visits last spring. They love getting to do jobs and helping take care of our animals each day. We welcomed Jule Mittenmayer to our classroom this week. Jule will be here through December to learn more about Montessori and being a teacher […]

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Peek at the Week May 23rd 2016

WILLOW PEAK Math in the Elementary Classroom Dear Parents, Last week's Terra Nova testing is complete, and we will return to our usual schedule this week. The first graders enjoyed their time in the primary classes. Last week, we tried our hand at book folding, and discovered that it requires a great deal of patience and focus. Some students chose to sit outside and sketch flowers instead. In French class, Miss Bethany introduced us to "plain [...]

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Peek at the Week May 16th 2016

WILLOW PEAK Math in the Elementary Classroom Dear Parents, This week, the elementary class, with the exception of the first year students, will be working on Terra Nova Exams each morning. First year students will work upstairs in the primary classrooms. We will be trying our hand at book folding, the art of folding book pages to create shapes and letters. We will be utilizing outdated encyclopedias from the "free books" shelf at Acton Library. We [...]

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Peek at the Week May 9th 2016

WILLOW PEAK Dear Parents, Montessori Elementary Classroom Dear Parents, Rainy days have kept us inside, but we hope to work more on our outdoor classroom this week. Please send in mulch and other items you may have for our outdoor classroom. A huge thank you to the Cosentino family for donating a beautiful bird feeder, birdseed, and a gift card to Home Goods! Tuesday we have a special opportunity for a Virtual Visit from The Field [...]

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Elementary News April 2016

Dear Willow families, The Willow Class is excited to welcome our two newest members, a male and a female baby chinchilla! Every day we use a balance scale to weigh the kits. They have each gained about 25 grams so far. We have created a line graph to track their growth. April 13th is Scrabble Day! We are planning a day of Scrabble fun. If you have a Scrabble game, or Scrabble Junior game that […]

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Montessori Elementary News March 2016

Another yarn bomb has dropped! Check out our latest installation in the playground. Stand under the “pom-pom tree” and you can’t help but smile! Soft balls of bright color bob gently in the breeze, bringing a spot of cheer and early spring. Pom-poms were created and hung by elementary children.  The Willow class is on a voyage through the Asian continent. Students are greatly enjoying the Biomes of Asia materials. These beautifully colored cards introduce […]

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