Our month of March started by celebrating Dr. Seuss and spending the day in our jammies.cedar9

cedar10      What a way to begin! Learning in comfortable attire…..so fun. We extended the Dr. Seuss silliness to Apple Rehab Center on Friday, March 7th. The residents had fun listening to the “Bartholemew and the Ooblek” story followed by the making of real green ooblek that we put our hands into and oozed through our fingers. This grossed out the elderly folk a bit but they still enjoyed watching the children. Celia read another Dr. Seuss book as they all paraded throughout the dining room of the center. Such fun was had by all!

Simple machines was a science unit we covered and played with. Discussions of the many machines that stemmed from the first simple designs were enlightening. We had to experience more so we attended the Eli Whitney Museum class on simple machines and made our own rubber band powered cars. We also had a taste of being out in the community on a field trip and that is always a learning experience. Hope you enjoyed playing with the wooden hand made cars that came home that day?

cedar3The student led conferences went well and each child was proud to show off their favorite works. They grew from the experience of having to present themselves and act in a professional manner, even shaking hands with their parents…..how “weird”.

cedar4The presentations of the oral book reports was another opportunity for each child to display their courage of speaking in front of their peers. They seemed to enjoy telling just enough about their chosen book and not tell the ending but to leave us guessing and wanting to read the story ourselves. We will build on each of these moments to develop our self confidence in speaking and creativity.

What would March be without leprechauns invading the classroom. The traps we built were not sufficient to catch one little person for their gold, but we sure had great fun working on the design and construction. The mess was worth the faces they displayed upon arriving in the morning, and the creative stories that came out of this experience. There are still some kisses left on the windows.

cedar11The month ended with the study of the external and internal parts of the fish. We diagramed the organs into our hand drawn fish bodies and delighted in painting the real tilapia fish with tempra paint and pressing the rather smelly and gooey body onto the paper for a colorful print. See the results on the stairway walls.cedar13

We will continue to explore Africa, moving on to the northern countries to trace some more maps and research some new country cultures. Our snacks for next week will include foods from Tunisia – sampling kinds of olives and grating cinnamon into our healthy morning munchies.

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