Old Saybrook, Connecticut – The Children’s Tree Montessori School, 96 Essex Road, Old Saybrook, will hold an Open House on October 27th from 9:00am-12:00pm.

The Children’s Tree is a non-profit school founded in 1995 to provide an alternative to traditional preschool programs, expanding to offer an independent elementary school in 2001, and a toddler classroom in 2014.

As one of only three AMS accredited schools in our state, CTMS offers an authentic Montessori education, lead by certified teachers. In fact, it is the only school in the area to offer a Montessori education from toddler all the way through 6th grade.

Montessori is a method of education that is based on the belief that children are individuals. The role of the certified teachers is to guide each child through the learning process using scientifically developed materials that fit their specific needs and pace. In addition, Montessori education supports and nurtures the whole child: social, emotional, physical and cognitive. In the multi-age classrooms, older children serve as mentors to younger ones, building confidence and leadership skills.

“The Nest,” or the toddler community, encourages independence and teaches practical life skills with hands-on activities that promote fine and gross motor skills, as well as self-sufficiency. Children are lovingly guided toward appropriate behaviors and develop 

feelings of security and self-esteem through a non-judgmental atmosphere that offers consistency and support. Enrichment programs begin at the toddler level with yoga, music, and art activities held in the classroom.

The Preschool-Kindergarten classrooms, or “Primary,” provide experiences that develop young minds. They continue to develop calmness, order, concentration, coordination, and fine and gross motor skills. The children wash tables, pour liquids, prepare snacks, and learn independence. Enrichment includes art, music, movement, foreign language, martial arts, and yoga. In addition, they are exposed to math, language arts, and sciences using hands-on manipulatives. Often the preschoolers at CTMS learn to read, write, and calculate math equations at a much younger age than children in traditional programs.

The independent elementary school at CTMS serves grades 1st through 6th. The elementary teachers focus on individual needs and levels of development. Individualized learning with hands-on interactive methods allow students to learn at their own pace, develop skills in critical thinking, organization, and learn lessons relevant to real life. The rich STEAM program at CTMS includes the certified Nature’s Classroom Eco Science School program in addition to the already robust Montessori science curriculum. During 3-hour work periods students are permitted to move about the classroom with purpose, to speak with each other, to choose their work, and to choose with whom they work. Traditional homework is kept to a minimum of nightly reading and spelling practice.

In addition to the enrichment program of art, music, foreign language, martial arts, and yoga, the elementary students have weekly educational field trip opportunities throughout the community. Each year the older students take an overnight trip to Bushy Hill Nature Center and participate in Montessori Model United Nations, traveling to Chicago, New York or Rome, Italy.

The results of a true Montessori education speak for themselves. CTMS students routinely excel at an early age and often exceed the Common Core Standards. Graduates from CTMS have gone on to excel at public and reputable private schools and colleges. There is a long and growing list of Montessori learners that are among the world’s most successful people, from co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, to Julia Child and even the founders of Google and Amazon.

For more information, or for a personal tour at The Children’s Tree Montessori School, call 860.388.3536, visit www.childrenstree.org or attend the Open House on October 27th from 9am-12pm.