Each year The Children’s Tree Montessori School offers frozen pies from Bishop’s Orchards in Guilford, CT. The pies are made fresh at Bishops and kept frozen until baked in your home, directions included. 

As one of our biggest fundraisers, the pies are priced at a reasonable amount of $12-$16 and include your typical fruit pies as well as cream pies. The available options are apple, apple crumb, pumpkin, blueberry, fruits of the farm, strawberry rhubarb, pecan, banana cream, lemon meringue, chocolate cream, key lime and coconut cream.

As always, friends and family are welcomed and encouraged to order for all of your holidays. The pies come fully frozen and keep well in the freezer. Please place your orders by November 2nd. Pickup will be on November 20th at The Children’s Tree Montessori Schoo., 96 Essex Road, Old Saybrook, CT. For questions or more information call the school at 860-388-3536.

To download the printable pie order form, click here.