The students explored North America in many ways in the month of November. We studied each biome region including the plants, animals, climate, and resources. Along with our lessons on The Needs of Humans, they chose a tribe or region of Native Americans to focus on one need and how those people met their needs long ago. Our trip to the Pequot Museum was informative and enlightening. The students were exceptionally well behaved, asked interesting questions to our guide, and then displayed their artistic skills by sketching items within the hogans and teepees. Everyone was making connections with handmade tools and weapons in comparison to today’s. We wrote thank you cards to the staff.e1

The Native American stories that were read throughout the month, led us to create our impressions of a sunset. Dave Huckabone led us in a framing activity using sticks and yarn. Hope you all liked your Thanksgiving gifts. We wrote alliterations using a chosen alphabet letter to create silly sentences and illustrate them.

AA0_1631_15735446298_lThe students showed their compassionate sides by collecting $138 for U.N.I.C.E.F. Miss Marci inspired them to think about other families who did not have clean drinking water and to collect money for a water purification system for a village. Some students even emptied their own piggy banks!

Miss Marci matched the school donations for this worthy project. In math we studied fractions in a variety of ways. The older students explored negative numbers and everyone has advanced to a higher level of math material and more challenging concepts. The study of telling time was a favorite. Using matching tiles and the Montessori Teaching Clock proved helpful. Please encourage your child to tell you the time on an ANALOG clock. The gift of an analog wrist watch would be beneficial for a future gift

We now turn our lessons to the concept of money and decimals! Just in time for the holiday buying season and the important lesson of the difference between wants and needs.

Before the Fourth Great Montessori Lesson of the History of Writing was presented, the question was put to the students:

What is more important a picture or words?

The responses were varied but favored “words are more important.” And so, the lessons continued. We will keep perfecting our writing skills by working on spelling, capitalization, and content in the coming months. We look forward to our Winter Celebration on the 19 sharing this special time with you.

Happy Holidays.

Janet, Ashley and Katherine

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