Oct 15-5

We just had Grandparents Day. It turned out really good and so did the soups. We had other food at the table like fruits, zucchini bread, bread, butter, cheese, and cranberry sauce.  We made the soup, the zucchini bread, and the cranberry sauce. Most of the kids hadn’t tried zucchini bread, and when people tried it they really liked it. To get ready for Grandparents Day we had three committees, the decorating committee, the table setting  committee, and the etiquette committee. We practiced and did a lot of preparing, and it all turned out good.

We are also working on yarn bombing. That’s when you crochet or knit and put it on things. We saw some images and got encouraged to yarn bomb. We knit and crochet when Miss Melissa reads. We would like to yarn bomb the fence around the playground. We have a couple pieces so far. Miss Jennie and Miss Melissa have taught us how knit and crochet. We also have been making pom-poms to maybe put on trees. We got a lot of yarn donations from people.

Written by Upper Elementary students, Raquel Farray and Vivianna Zilinski

From Miss Melissa:

Thanks to all who came to Grandparents Day. We had a great day sharing our classroom and our homemade soup. Our next event will be the Winter Celebration on Friday December 18th. We have already started rehearsing European songs in different languages.

The class greatly enjoyed our first trip to the Acton Public Library, where we found books on table-setting, etiquette, manners, knitting, and crocheting. We are now reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. The Upper Elementary students are continuing their novel study of Homecoming, by Cynthia Voigt. Recently we explored metaphors and similes found in the book. The Lower Elementary students are enjoying Junior Great Books.

In art class we are studying the styles of European artists. So far we have learned about Picasso and Cubism, Mondrian and Abstract, and Arp and Dadaism.  We had fun learning aerial yoga on the silks.

We look forward to returning to the library on Monday, December 6, and attending the Nutcracker on Friday, December 11.

With love,

Miss Melissa

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