October was an exciting month in the Willow Room! We enjoyed special visitors from the Old Saybrook Police Department and Old Saybrook Fire Department. Outings to Scott’s, Acton Library, and the CT River Museum were enjoyed by all the students. We talked about the origins of the use of
B.C. and A.D. and examined a timeline showing the development of written language throughout history, from cave paintings to texting. We used a stream table to create a model of a river to explore its parts and how a river changes the land. We read A River Ran Wild, and discussed the effects civilization has on the health of our rivers, as well as ways people can enact change to help the environment. At the CT River Museum, we used a model of the Connecticut River to explore the history of the river, from glacier to today. Our guide showed us how to measure the turbidity (clarity) of the water, take a water sample, and measure the depth. At the Acton Library, in addition to checking out books, we completed a fun scavenger hunt, exploring the entire children’s section.

img_0766On November 3rd, our oldest students went with Miss Melissa on an overnight trip to Heifer Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts. Heifer Farm is run by the Heifer International organization, which seeks to end poverty by providing livestock and education to enable people in disadvantaged areas to gain an income. Our experience at Heifer Farm will included a night spent in the Global Village, in a rustic dwelling representing an area in the world where Heifer works. The students were tasked with preparing all 3 simple meals, including drawing water, building a fire, and obtaining ingredients from a “market”. Workshops discussed population growth and distribution of resources, as well as ways we can help. During our stay, they also assisted with chores on the farm.

Miss Melissa and the students of The Willow Room, would like to give a huge thank you to Tamara Sevigny for her work in coordinating outings and field trips for our class!