Welcome to the Willow Room!

It is so good to be back in the classroom with all the enthusiasm and spirited students to remind us all why we do what we do. The month of September has been a time of review and assessment. Each of the students has been adjusting to the routine of the day with schedules, choices, and where everything is located and filed upon completion. That is a lot of new transitions from the casual summer days.

elem3 (1)We have started our spelling lessons with assignments each day and a test on Friday. Great Books readings and discussions have begun for all levels. Cursive lessons are a favorite and the first year students are very proud of their fancy writing ability.

Of course, in the science area, the year had to start with a bang….The Big Bang to give us a theory of how our earth may have been formed. The students enjoyed the experiments and the presentation. They also were interested in the second Great Lesson, The Timeline of Life, which shows the progression of the coming of life on earth from a single cell to the coming of the human. Many questions popped up and now they will explore these billions of years by doing independent projects such as drawing prehistoric creatures, comparing eras and periods, researching the characteristics of animals from early time to current ones, and even maybe, drawing their own timeline version! The possibilities are endless!

In math, we have reviewed the all important, place value system, using the Montessori materials to clarify with those significant colors. Many students have regained their interest in fractions and geometry with new materials and ways of looking at these subjects. There is always the regular review of our basic facts in addition and multiplication.

elem1 (1)Our first field trip to the Maritime Education Network was a great success and so informative to learn about Long Island Sound and its miraculous living world. Hopefully, you got to view the array of photographs from this trip, located in the foyer. Our own salt water specimen tank is up and being observed every day.   Thanks to Tamara Sevigny for visiting last week and showing us how to care for our future class pet, a baby hedgehog!

elem5 (1)Always feel free to come and observe your child and the busy environment he/she occupies each day. You may understand all the reasons they are coming home so tired. Thank you for sharing their lives with us. Each day is a learning experience for us all.

Ms. Janet, Miss Ashley and Ms. Katherine

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