Dear Parents,
December was a whirlwind of activity for the Willow Room! We were very busy practicing our songs and yoga moves for the Winter Celebration. Didn’t they do an amazing job?

jule2The children absolutely loved painting and outfitting their gourds, as well as playing with them afterward. We made a scrapbook for Miss Jule to take back with her to Germany. Each child created their own page, with writing, artwork, and photographs. Miss Jule really loved it. She also wrote each child a lovely, personal note. Our class is not the same without her.
Thank you for your holiday gifts! I hope each of you had a peaceful and joyous holiday season.
January is a time for us to dive back into work and routine with both feet. The Upper Elementary students are spending a great deal of time preparing for their spring trip to Rome for the Montessori Model United Nations. They will be delegates representing the country of Senegal. Over the next weeks, they will become experts on this country, and well-versed in the unique needs and current events. They will write four formal position papers, which they will present to the relevant UN committees on behalf of Senegal. They will work with student delegates representing other countries to reach consensus and draft a resolution that will be voted on. This experience is an amazing opportunity for our students to become global citizens. Please support our students by participating in one of our fundraising activities, bringing in cans and bottles, or making a donation.
We are planning a hiking field trip for Friday, January 13th. The upper elementary students will tour the state capitol at the end of the month, and we are in the process of planning other trips. We’ll keep you posted.
In class, we’re going to be studying Antarctica, states of matter, reptiles, plants, and adjectives.
We hope you will come to our Parent Education evening on Tuesday, January 24th5:30-7:30pm. Learn about the 6 year cycle of the elementary program, see the materials, and try them for yourselves. Bring a friend! Childcare, including dinner, is available for $10 a family. Dinner served for adults as well.

Happy New Year!
Peace and love,
Miss Melissa