Dear Parents,

The Willow class had a delightful February! We learned about the extremely difficult life faced by penguins in Antarctica by watching March of the Penguins. They have amazing survival skills! We visited the Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital, where Dr. Neil Marrinan gave us a tour. We got to see a heartworm on a slide and an x-ray of a pregnant dog. We could see the babies on the x-ray! Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital also treats our classroom pets at no cost. If you’re looking for a compassionate team to look after your pets, we highly recommend OLVH.

The Willow class has been participating in activities to help increase self confidence and team building. We had the challenge of fitting the entire class on one of the tree stumps on the field. Everyone had to fit on the stump together, long enough to sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” It was a difficult task! We tried a lot of ideas, but nothing worked. Everyone started getting frustrated, so we sat down and made a plan. We tried once more, and we were successful. It felt so great! Then we took a field trip to Soarin’ Indoors, in Manchester. It had an obstacle course with a low section and a high section, and three zip lines. Everyone in the class was able to accomplish something they didn’t think they could do when they first arrived. When someone had trouble, we helped each other out and cheered them on. We had so much fun, we want to go back again!

We are excited to start a new unit on Africa! The first year students are learning about mixtures, solutions, compounds, saturations, and supersaturation. We made a supersaturation by dissolving as much epsom salt as we could into heated water. Now we are watching crystals form as the water evaporates.

The Upper Elementary students are now researching poverty and hunger for our second position paper to present at the Montessori Model U.N. in Rome. We are still accepting coins and cans and bottles to raise money for our trip. Thank you again for all of your support.

Ms. Melissa