February flew by, as always!

The Willow room worked hard making strawberry shortcake for Valentine’s Day, they enjoyed cooking pancakes to celebrate Fat Tuesday, and discussed the history of both holidays. They also found an aloe vera leaf at the grocery store during their bi-weekly snack shopping and decided to try eating it, after learning about the many health benefits. I think they will be sticking to the topical uses for now!

Dr. Seuss’ birthday was amazing with our green eggs and ham luncheon. The elementary students helped prepare the lunch for the entire school.  Afterwards they made their own lunch of ham and cheese grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of green eggs and snap peas.

The kindergarteners have started visiting elementary and are enjoying their mornings with the older kids, while the upper elementary kids are getting ready for their trip to MMUN in New York. The UE kids have been working hard learning all about Costa Rica. To help pay for their trip they are doing fundraisers; a Kid’s Night’s Out – Pajama Parties in the studio with pizza, popcorn and a movie, check out the many dates available: click here. They’re also offering childcare days during April break, April 18-20th. Click here to sign up.

A very special thank you to the Rottinghous family, who has generously shared their incubator with us and donated some fertilized chicken eggs for us to hatch. We are taking care of them daily and waiting anxiously for them to hatch.

We are now moving into our study of South America. In addition to learning about the biomes, animals, and cultures found in South America, everyone has chosen a few specific things to research from the continent. The Willow room is hoping to discover some tasty South America-inspired recipes for our weekly lunches.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Look What I Can Do Night. The children really enjoy showing off their work.

Miss Ashely