IMG_0435January Happenings

Our Montessori elementary students returned from their December time off ready to get back to routine. They looked forward to the Oops sentences work. That appropriately named because there are several errors in each sentence, usually containing a students name, to be corrected and rewritten. The older students chose a biography to read and take notes from their reading, in order to produce a timeline of events for that famous person. The first year students joined in a group and compiled their comprehension facts into a joint timeline of Albert Einstein.  This work is on display in the entry way from the playground.


The older students learned how to extract information from their reading and sequentially display it all. We started a tradition of acknowledging daily celebrations such as, National Bird Day, National Static Electricity Day, National Hat Day, National Puzzle Day, and of course, National Fig Newton Day. This fun tradition will continue throughout this year. Join us if you would like. Our language work focused on capitalization, commas, and sentence structures. Our IMG_0432geometry studies have brought us to examining many shapes and measuring angles. Patterns have been noticed with more keen eyes and designs of great complexity have been created. We also started reading a chapter a day from a book called “Chasing Vermeer”, which asks the students to use pentominoes for creating rectangles and helping to solve IMG_0444the mystery of the story. Encouraging careful listening and pondering solutions. There is a choice to draw their own Animal Kingdom showing the different phylum. We will continue our studies of each grouping of animals and their external and internal characteristics.

The art abilities of all of the students are growing and so is their confidence to try new media. Our one hundredth day of school is fast approaching and it is joyful to see and experience the growth in so many ways for each absorbent mind.

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