Greetings Toddler families!
AA0_1775 This month, we will begin to explore science through the toddler experience! In our Montessori classroom, this means conducting simple experiments where we start to realize that our actions effect our environment. We will focus on “what” is happening during our experiments rather than the “why” or the “how”. This way, we keep things simple and begin to learn about the way our world works.
Our science explorations will begin with activities such as cooking, observing shadows, noticing sinking and floating, and watering plants. Later, when the spring approaches, we will experience the magic of germinating seeds and watching them grow.
Thank you for continuing to send your child with “delicious AND nutritious” lunches. If there is a fruit or a vegetable that your child finds exciting at home, they are welcome to bring one into school for us to observe, discuss, and even sample!
Miss Mari and Miss Caila

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