Dear Maple families,

After spring break, we have been reading books about how to grow plants, surprise garden, and spring. We germinated cucumber seeds, and we will observe them next week. We are vegetables and flowers in our garden that the children are going to take care of.

Montessori Toddler Classroom

Montessori Toddler Classroom

On the practical life shelf:

We are going to touch, smell, look, taste, and share their impression on mangos and avocados. The children will be introduced egg slicers. They continue peeling clementines and eggs, and cutting apples and bananas. The children are very excited about the new octagon shape punch out work.

On the language shelf:

The children are really enjoying the card and object matching lessons. Our new lesson is about sea creatures in the ocean; there are starfish, dolphin, whale, octopus, crab, and sea turtle.

We are going to make a paper flower for Mother’s day. For the mother’s day and father’s day art project, please bring a picture of mom and a picture of dad.

For the classroom prep we need:

– Oranges to make juice
– Seasonal fruits or vegetables that your child might want to share

Thank you and have a great month of May,

Miss Yoonju and Miss Caila

Home lesson idea series
#3 Spooning Grains


– A Tray
– 2 Identical Bowls
– 1 Spoon
– Grain (We are using lima beans and kidney beans now.)

  • Lift the spoon over the middle of the right bowl that is full of grain.
  • Rotate the oval mouth of the spoon down by slightly rotating it toward you.
  • Place the back of the spoon near the far side of the bowl.
  • Slide it down so it goes under the grains.
  • Scoop the spoon toward your body.
  • Rotate the spoon so it is back in the flat position.
  • Lift the spoon up out of the bowl carefully.
  • Lift the spoon so it is above the top of the bowl.
  • Move the spoon in a slow but smooth way so it is over the middle of the left bowl.
  • Rotate the oval mouth of the spoon slowly toward your body so the grains slowly pour into the mouth of the bowl.
  • Once all the grain has slid off the spoon, rotate the spoon back into the flat position.
  • Bring the spoon back over to the middle of the right bowl and repeat scooping and pouring movements until all of the grains are in the left bowl.
  • Repeat the same movements for scooping the grains from the left bowl into the right bowl.
  • Bring the spoon over its original spot.

Once done, have the child replace the tray in its spot.

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