Easing Parent Separation

Toddler in the classroomA Montessori toddler environment aims to help the child develop feelings of support, security, and self-esteem. Toddlers need to know that they are safe, both physically and emotionally, and that the comfort and reassurance of caring adults is never far away.

The first weeks in a toddler classroom are a major transition. To ease this transition, we offer a “phase-in” period where parents or caretakers stay with their child in the classroom. Parents can first interact with their child in the classroom and then move to the observation area inside the classroom while the child starts to interact with teachers and other toddlers. This period can be increased each day and parents can slowly move out of the classroom as the child becomes comfortable.

To successfully pass through separation anxiety is one of the major learning experiences for the toddler. Consistency in the way parents handle the transition away from their child every day helps the child to build trust. A tender hug or kiss and a confident demeanor as you leave are routines that will help your child adjust. Close communication with the teachers regarding the child’s emotions and behaviors is always encouraged.