In March we studied the desert region of Africa including the country of Egypt. We enjoyed learning about the ancient Egyptians and making pyramids, wrapping mummies, sculpting clay pots and learning about mummification. Next we will be talking about the rainforest.

oak2We will be learning about the layers of the rainforest and the animals that live there. We will also talk about the Pygmy tribe that lives in the rainforest of Africa. The people that belong to the Pygmy tribe in Africa are the smallest in the world only standing 5 feet tall. In April we hope that the weather warms enough for our vegetables to be moved into out outdoor classroom. We can’t believe how big the plants have already grown!

oak1Our caterpillars and ladybug larvae has arrived in the mail and we will be eagerly waiting to watch their transformation. As we wait we will learn about the ladybug life cycle and the parts and life cycle of the butterfly. Spring is here and we are all so excited to spend more time outside.

oak3In peace,

Miss Brooke and Miss Pam

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