We had so much learning about Antarctica in January!  We started out study learning that Antarctica is so cold and dry that it is the largest desert in the world!  Our favorite thing we learned about were the animals. We learned about the krill, leopard deals, killer whales and penguins and the Antarctica food chain.

IMG_2499_1_We learned about the different kinds of penguins and measured an emperor penguin with a ruler.  Did you know an emperor penguin is 110 cm tall. Most of our class was the same height or taller than the life size emperor penguin we made!  We also learned about the parts of the penguin and danced the penguin pokey.

We ended January with a celebration of Chinese New Year on the 31st.  We decorated the classroom with paper lanterns and dragons.  At lunch we enjoyed Chinese food together.  What a great way to end a fun filled month!

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