Oh how far we have come! Walking around the classroom it’s amazing to see what your children are doing! To see children who first entered the classroom in September work with such concentration and enthusiasm, our third year children so happily helping others when needed we and the second year children proudly writing in their journals each morning.

In December we were so busy learning our songs about love and light for our winter celebration. The children were so excited to sing for the parents and they all did a great job! We loved seeing so many families were able to come to our celebration and share cookies and hot cocoa with you. Thank you to all the generous gifts. We appreciate each and every one of you!

In January we will welcome two new friends to the Oak Room. Willow and Bryce will be joining us starting in January. We know that our friends will be great role models for them and are excited for our classroom family to grow.
In peace,
Brooke and Pam

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