oak2It’s hard to believe it’s almost June and that means our school year is coming to an end. It has been such a pleasure to watch your children grow into confident and joyful learners. In May we learned about seeds and plants. We dissected bean seeds to learn about the parts and sprouted them in our window. In May it was finally warm enough to plant our vegetable plants in our outdoor classroom and we are hoping to harvest some vegetables before the school year is over. Next we learned about the parts of the plants and enjoyed experimenting with stems. We even enjoyed eating the different parts of plants including lettuce for leaves, broccoli for the flower, strawberries for the fruit, carrots for the roots and sunflower seeds. We all enjoyed cutting up the ingredients and making a salad to share and enjoy. As our year comes to an end we will be looking forward to our year end celebration and picnic. The children are eager to share with you the songs they have been working hard to learn.

In peace,
Miss Brooke and Miss Pam

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