AA0_1046Spring has finally sprung and we welcomed our new season with butterflies we have been watching transform in our classroom. In April we learned about the butterfly life cycle and the parts of the butterfly. We sang “head, thorax, abdomen” to learn the parts of the butterfly and acted out the life cycle using yoga poses. We all enjoyed reading The very hungry caterpillar and making our own butterflies using green macaroni and beads.

We have traveled from the desert in Egypt to the rainforest in the Congo and learned about the animals that live there. We decorated our classroom like the rainforest using leaves and flowers and made snakes and chameleons to hang from our rainforest tree. We enjoyed reading A color of his own and The mixed up Chameleon and making our own classroom book. By far our favorite song this year has been learning I’m being swallowed by a Boa Constrictor.AA0_1051

In May we will be learning about seeds, roots and flowers. We will start our study by dissecting bean seeds to learn about the parts and sprouting  beans in our window. We will be experimenting with plants learning about roots and stems and learning the names of different flowers. We look forward to seeing more signs of spring and spending more time outside.

Miss Brooke and miss Pam

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