In October we talked about the Earth. We learned about the parts of the earth using a orange to peel the pieces and talking about the core, mantle and crust. Next we talked about the land and water that cover the earth. We sorted animals and objects and made posters using magazines. We all loved learning the names of the continents singing our continent song. In October we studied the parts of the pumpkin and its life cycle. When we were done hammering pegs into the pumpkin we opened it up and looked at the parts using a magnify glass.

Our first field trip to Scott’s Orchard was in October. We all enjoyed a beautiful day at the orchard learning about apples, picking gourds and apples. It was great seeing so any parents were able to share the day with us. In November we will be starting our study of vertebrates starting with fish. We will also be traveling to Australia learning about the people, places and culture. We will learn about marsupials, the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand.
Miss Brooke and Miss Pam

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