Dear Parents,

Kindergarteners working in the Elementary classroom

Kindergarteners working in the Elementary classroom

This week, we will be doing a great deal of work outside. We will work on various cleaning, planting, and painting tasks. If you have time available, and would like to help, please let me know. Please make sure that your child is dressed in clothes that can get dirty. If it rains we will stay inside. If you have plants, seeds, flower pots, potting soil, or empty 2L soda bottles we can use, please bring them this week.

Wednesday will be a library day. Please have your child bring their backpack, library card, and books to be returned.

On Friday we will be baking items to sell at Saturday’s CTMS yard sale. You will get a list of ingredients to contribute. Please bring those items by Friday.

New spelling lists will be given out Friday. Make it a habit to discuss spelling tests and homework with your child. Help reinforce the connection  between spelling practice and how they do on the tests. If they are getting words incorrect on the test, they may want to add more practice time and/or try different activities.

This week, we will be starting a new read aloud chapter book: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, by Grace Lin. Minli and her family live in the shadow of Fruitless Mountain. She grows up listening to her father tell stories from traditional Chinese folklore. Determined to improve life for her family, Minli sets off on a great adventure.

Visiting kindergarten students have started to get lessons on some of the elementary materials. They are working closely with me to learn the routines and expectations of the class. Each time they come, the complete a work plan. They pick a math work, language work, and cultural work to do first. When they finish, they are free to choose other works, such as practical life. Pom-pom making is a favorite activity!

We have started to have class meetings in the Willow Class. During the week, students write down issues they’d like addressed on the agenda hanging in the room. A student leads the meeting, and we use a talking stick to take turns discussing the issues, and coming up with solutions. At our next meeting, we decide if our solutions worked, or if they need to be readdressed.

Peace and love,

Miss Melissa


Dear Cedar families,


In honor of Earth Day we will be planting in the front garden and in our new vegetable beds all week. Please bring in a flower or vegetable plant for your child to plant. Any parent volunteers who can help with the planting are greatly appreciated.

This week we are leaving India and branching out to Bangladesh and Thailand. Jennie Esty will present Bhuddist artwork from Thailand on Wednesday.

Books we are reading:

  • Composting
  • Mother Earth

Songs we are singing:

  • How much is that dog in your window
  • The green grass grows all around
  • Do your ears hang low

Thank you!

Miss Marci and Miss Bethany


Dear Oak families,

2016-04-25-10.39.47We hope that everyone had a peace-filled week off from school. We will celebrate our beautiful earth this week by learning about compost, worms and by planting a tiny garden in our classroom. Please bring in a flower or vegetable plant for your child to plant in the front garden or vegetable beds. Any parent volunteers who can help with the planting are greatly appreciated.

We will continue learning about how to recycle. Trash free lunches would be appreciated.

Books we are reading:

  • Let’s take care of the earth
  • Composting
  • Mother Earth

Songs we are singing:

  • The Seed Song
  • Two Blackbirds
  • The Earth is our Mother

Thank you!

Miss Pam and Miss Carrie


Dear Maple families,

Snack in the Toddler RoomWe will be celebrating Earth Day this week by caring for the environment: we will plant vegetables and flowers for our garden that the children are going to take care of.

Science: Ziplock bag seed germination.

On the practical life shelf:
We are going to cut cantaloupe melons, honeydew melons, and watermelons to make a fruit salad for snack. The children touch, smell, look, taste, and share their impression on those fruits. We will continue peeling clementines and eggs, and cutting apples and bananas.

On the language shelf:

  • How plants grow (books)
  • Gardening and germination bean seed. (Ex. Roots, stem, seed coat, and leaves)
  • Season; spring and summer (books)
  • Introducing the names of fruits and vegetables

For our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day art project, please bring a picture of mom and of dad.

For food prep table we need oranges for juicing, and fruits or vegetables that your child might want to share.

Home lesson idea series #2 Practical life food prep:

At this point, most of the children are confident to cut apples, pears, bananas, and to peel eggs with a little help. The most beautiful part is that they really enjoy doing those activities at school. You might want them to do it at home as well. Here are some things your child can do:

1. Help setting the table, pour water for the family, or set napkins and utensil.

2. After eating, encourage them to push their chair back in, put their dirty dishes in the sink, and put water in them.

3. Use an Apple/pear cutter

4. Use a Banana slicer

5. Manually juice oranges

6. Egg peeling and slicing (children are peeling the eggs at school now, they will be introduced to the egg slicer in May.)

Reminders/Parents Ed:

Positive discipline on Monday at 5:30pm, April 25, at 5:30pm
Toddler Talk series “Summer send-off.” On Monday, May 2nd, at 5:30pm


Miss Caela and Miss Yoonju


4/25 – Parent Education Night: Positive Discipline
5/2 – Parent Education Night: Summer Send-off


This week:
Maggie K and Tula

Next week:
Jake and Jin Sung

Montessori spindle work in the preschool classroom

Preschoolers playing in the field

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