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Peek at the Week May 9th 2016


Dear Parents,

Montessori Elementary Classroom

Montessori Elementary Classroom

Dear Parents,

Rainy days have kept us inside, but we hope to work more on our outdoor classroom this week. Please send in mulch and other items you may have for our outdoor classroom. A huge thank you to the Cosentino family for donating a beautiful bird feeder, birdseed, and a gift card to Home Goods!

Tuesday we have a special opportunity for a Virtual Visit from The Field Museum. We’ll get a live lesson from a museum educator over the internet. The lesson is Tuesday morning at 10:00, in the studio.

Wednesday is a library day. Please have your child bring their books, backpacks, and library cards.

Please note that next week, May 16-20, the 2-5th year students will be taking Terra Nova exams in the mornings. Please do everything possible to make sure your child has a good night’s sleep, a good breakfast, and arrives on time on testing days. First year students will be working in primary classrooms, and will have opportunities to give lessons to younger students. Kindergarten students will not visit during that week.

Look for information coming home this week about our field trip to Bushy Hill, June 2-3. All elementary students will spend the day at Bushy Hill Thursday, June 2. Second year students and older will get to spend the night, camping in a tepee.

The Willow Room is practicing a song for the end of year performance. “Just a Nautiloid” was written by a colleague of mine, about an unusual animal that students have met through the Timeline of Life. It’s the story of a lonely nautiloid that finds the perfect friend.

Peace and love,

Miss Melissa

Peace and love,

Miss Melissa


Dear Cedar families,

Making Maps in the Cedar Room

Making Maps in the Cedar Room

We hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day! We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing week of treats in honor of teacher appreciation week. This week we will continue to learn about plants, look closer at the parts of a flower, and tend our gardens.


Books we are reading:

  • Planting a Rainbow
  • The Tiny Seed

Songs we are singing:

  • I’m a Little Seed
  • Oats, Peas, Beans or Barley Grow
  • The Gardener Plants the Seeds

Thank you!

Miss Marci and Miss Bethany


Dear Oak families,

Montessori Preschool

Sewing Buttons

Many thanks for the delicious food and beautiful gifts during teacher appreciation week, they were highly appreciated! This week we will continue planting in the classroom. We will also be making some beautiful flower arrangements for our class to share. Egg slicing will be available in our food prep area. Our studies of Asia continue.


Happy May,

Miss Pam and Miss Carrie



Books we are reading:

  • The Earth is Painted Green
  • Lead Back to Me
  • If Peace Is

Songs we are singing:

  • 5 Green and Speckled Frogs
  • The Seed Song
  • Months and Continents
  • You are my Sunshine

Thank you!

Miss Pam and Miss Carrie


Dear Maple families,

Snack in the Toddler Room

Our little maple friends planted plants at our sensorial garden. They love watering them, and they regularly touch, feel, and smell them.

The cucumber seeds that we germinated will be ready to be planted this week.

On the practical life shelf:

This week, we are going to touch, smell, look, taste, and share their impression on the papaya. Children also will be introduced to egg slicers along with mortal and pastel. (*Please see the home lesson idea series #5 Grinding Hard-boiled eggshells for garden below.) They continue peeling oranges and eggs, and cutting apples and bananas. We just put an octagon shape punch out, and children are very excited about it.

On the language shelf:

The children are really enjoying the card and object matching lessons. We have a new lesson about the citrus family: orange, lemon, and lime. They all like to match, smell, and even taste.

For the classroom prep, we need;

– A dozen hard-boiled eggs.
– For the father’s day art project, please bring a picture of dad.

Miss Caela and Miss Yoonju

Home lesson idea series #4:
Grinding Hard-boiled eggshells for the garden

Grinding eggs shells

Montessori Toddler Activity: Grinding eggs shells

This lesson can be combined with egg peeling and slicing. (In the classroom, children are introduced to 3 different lessons, but eventually it will be combined all together in one step.)

After your child peels and slices an egg, please tell him/her to collect the discarding eggshells. When you have enough, you can let your child grind up eggshells into small pieces using mortal and pastel. Then let him/her add the crushed and ground eggshells around the base of the plants. Explain to them that it will help plants grow because it contains calcium and other nutrients for soil.


5/23 Montessori Outcomes: The Science behind the Genius
5/27 Harvey Beach Field Trip


This week:
Sasha and Marguerite

Next week:
Julia and Caliana

Montesssori Kindergartener Reading

Montessori Kindergartener Reading

Learning the parts of a plant

Learning the parts of a plant

Montessori preschool

Montessori preschool

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