Greetings Families:

Happy Spring!

We’ve had a busy month of March. We have been learning about fascinating South American animals. The jaguar, red eyed tree frog, and poison dart frog are just some of the animals that have intrigued the students. We also worked hard on making the auction project, learned about crystals, eggs, birds, parts of a seed, rainbows, and color mixing. By using the primary colors: red, blue, and yellow, the children worked with either food coloring or paint to see the amazing results of when mixing certain colors together! The end result, a true masterpiece! For the book lovers, a recommended read is the fun-filled book Mouse Paint, by Ellen Stoll Walsh. This has been a class favorite amongst our eager readers who love to visit our reading corner.

The children have enjoyed  playing in the snow this Spring! Here at The Children’s Tree Montessori School we encourage outdoor time, the health benefits of fresh air, running around, using the swing sets, sliding, climbing, pushing logs, gardening, etc…

We are thankful for Miss Erin for teaching the Music Together Program on Mondays, which has been recently added to our afternoon enrichment schedule. In addition to Music Together with Miss Erin, we are also grateful for the teaching of Yoga with Miss Jen (Tuesdays), Karate with Mr. José (Wednesdays), Art with Mr. Kevin (Thursdays), and French with Miss Bethany (Fridays).

Thank you CTMS Families and Friends for all of your support.

The Primary Team
Cedar Room and Oak Room
Miss Bethany, Miss Laura, Miss Pam, Miss Meredith, and Miss Sandra