Dear CTMS Families,
      It has been awesome coming back from break and starting off 2018 in Primary! We have many new friends in our rooms! We have Marloes, Blake, and Dorothy joining the Oak Room Family and we have Holland, Bowery, Andy, Ayla, and Harlan joining the Cedar Room Family. We also now have Miss Laura joining the Primary Team, which we couldn’t be more thrilled about! We have spent January getting to know our new friends, giving them lots of lessons, teaching them how to have snack, and so much more!
      This month we began to finish up our study of North America in our cultural area. We have been focusing on the country of Mexico. We have read many books, explored some Mexican tools and instruments, and learned some Spanish words. We even had a Mexican fiesta that included cooking rice and beans and enjoying chips and salsa!
      In science, we have worked with primary and secondary colors and have explored color mixing. We learned how secondary colors are made using primary colors. The children enjoyed mixing different colored paints and did a colorful Carnations experiment.
      In the month of February we will continue to finish up our North American study and we will begin our South America study. We will also be studying mammals, measurement, and astronomy. For Valentine’s Day we will be handing out Valentines and enjoying berries and whipped coconut cream.
      We are so thankful for the wonderful additions to our Primary Family and we hope you all have a fabulous February!
Miss Bethany, Miss Laura, Miss Meredith, Miss Pam, and Miss Sandra