Dear Families,

Wow it is hard to believe that February has come to a close!
We had a very busy month and lot of fun celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing cards and preparing strawberries and cream to enjoy together. We also enjoyed learning about astronomy and the different constellations. We had an amazing educational visit from the dentist where we learned about healthy nutrition and how to care for our teeth. We especially loved celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday together with some green eggs and ham, pajamas and a lot of good reading. And of course, we enjoyed seeing everyone that came to Look What I Can Do Night.

Our North America studies were wrapped up with some great lessons on Mexico. We had a fiesta to celebrate by making delicious rice and beans, tortillas and guacamole. We are now enjoying March and all of the exciting spring lessons to come. As we welcome spring together we will study birds and their habitats, eggs, and nests.

As the month progresses we will study seeds and how to garden. We look forward to getting outside and digging in the garden. We will have some rich lessons on rocks and crystals. Who knows what interesting rocks we will discover outside!

We have started a new geography unit on South America. We are learning all about the different countries and landscapes. We will discover artifacts and learn about the people and animals that live there. If you have any rich travel experiences that you would like to come into class and share we would love to have you.

We wish you all a happy and healthy spring.

Miss Pam, Miss Meredeth, Miss Bethany, Miss Sandra and Miss Laura