Dear Families,

In the month of April, we saw the end (more or less) of winter weather and more spring weather!

We are enjoying days that are warm,  chilly, sunny, and rainy. April showers bring May flowers! During Earth Week, the children brought in flowers and we planted all week (as the weather allowed). 

Thank you to all the families who helped their children choose flowers to bring in, and thank you to those who sent in extra flowers so that all the children could have a chance to plant.

To continue our study of all things growing, we learned about the parts of flowers and parts of a seed. We placed a bean or vegetable seed in a bag with a damp paper towel and taped them on the window so that we can watch them germinate. When the seedlings get big enough, each child will plant theirs to take home.

During Earth Week, we also learned about ways to help our Earth stay clean and beautiful. We sorted recycling, and talked about composting, avoiding waste, and bringing reusable bags to the store.

Many children were excited to share the ways their families help take care of the Earth at home!

In May, we are looking forward to warmer weather, and, believe it or not, getting ready for the end of the year! We plan to spend more time outside to take advantage of the beautiful weather we hope to have, as well as the myriad of real-life learning opportunities that come from being in nature.

Miss Bethany, Miss Sandra, Miss Laura, Miss Pam an Miss Meredith