blog-3Welcome to the start of another exciting year of learning, joy and love at CTMS. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new members of our teaching staff and the new families that have joined in our community. September was the beginning of our learning experience together. Our new students have transitioned so well into our program, and our returning students have come back with enthusiasm and a great willingness to help their new friends.

On October 7th we will enjoy a field trip to Scott’s Orchard in Lyme Ct. We will tour the orchard by wagon ride, choose some gourds from the garden and enjoy a special little snack. We hope to see you all there.

October also brings with it many new lessons about the parts of our Earth. We will study several different landforms, learn about the different types of globes we have in the classroom and differentiate between air, land and water. We will enjoy our studies of plants and animal life as well as vertebrates and invertebrates. October is also the safety month, so we will be learning ways to keep ourselves safe and perhaps have some special visitors from the fire department. The weather is already starting to cool off, so please make sure to provide seasonal extra clothes for your child’s box in their classroom.

Thank you to the generous parents who have provided snack for the children to start their school year. We really appreciate all of your efforts. We look forward to all of the new learning experiences to come this month and again welcome you all to enjoy a wonderful school year.

With peace and love,

Miss Pam, Miss Kelly, Miss Carolina and Miss Bethany



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