Dear Families,

Spring is in full bloom, and the Primary children have been busy bees! Outside, gross motor skills are developing, throwing and catching balls, building and running through obstacle courses, and lots of running, climbing, and jumping. Inside, the children have really taken responsibility for cleaning their classroom at the end of the morning work period and setting up lunch, and at the end of the day before they go home. They love working together to scrub tables, sweep the floor, dust, put up chairs, and any other job that needs doing!

In spring, children often return to familiar works with a more sophisticated eye, often combining materials such as the Pink Tower and Brown Stair to create designs and structures that explore size relationships between the pieces. We have been seeing lots of this type of work!


In May, we will be taking advantage of good weather days to do gardening and some outdoor work. We have been studying how seeds and acorns grow, watching the roots, shoots, and leaves develop, and we will continue plant study outside when we plant and care for flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Each classroom is working on making a beautiful project for the upcoming auction fundraiser. All the children will get a part in creating something beautiful together. We hope to see you at the auction!
Thanks to Rebecca Gounaris for coming in to read Lucky Listener books with the children, and Alicia Brother for washing all our work rugs over April break!

Miss Pam, Miss Bethany, Miss Meredeth and Miss Ashley