Dear Primary Parents,

The Cedar and Oak Room students have both enjoyed their first months at school. The compassionate, kind and mindful group of students that we have the opportunity to get to know this school year are consistently engaged in exploring their interests.

The month of October has come and gone all too quickly and much has been done. We are sure that you and your children have been having conversations about their studies in school. In the first month of school the students focused on the larger concepts of our universe and the planets within our solar system. This past October they have been exploring the parts of the planet on which they live. The students were actively dissecting the parts of the Earth and investigating the crust, mantle, outer and inner core. Many of our science, geography and art lessons were based upon the students’ interest in their beautiful home, planet Earth. We also learned to use the compass to find directionality within our classroom and on the map. The students discovered hemispheres, names and placement of the continents on the globe and through this maps were created and even brought home. Living and nonliving concepts as well as vertebrate\ invertebrate animals were a topic of interest.

To wrap up the month of October, the Cedar Room has made pumpkin muffins and the Oak Room students dissected a pumpkin and roasted the seeds to celebrate the season of Autumn.

Our enrichment classes also began earlier this month and the students have been enjoying Yoga, Music and Art in the studio and Spanish studies in the classroom. Lucky Listeners in the classroom have also begun. As always we welcome volunteers to sign up in the front hallway. Thank you to all of those who have been reading Lucky Listener books at home with their children. Also, thank you to all of the families who attended the Curriculum Night and Silent Journey.

The month of November is here already and we will begin our first continent study with North America. The primary classrooms will be focusing on the plants, animals and peoples of the continent on which we all live. We will also be focusing on Native American studies.

Just a reminder, we will be hosting a Coffee, Tea & Me event this month. More information will be provided.

imageParent\Teacher Conferences are November 13th & 14th with an early dismissal each day at 12:00.

November 25th also gives us all the opportunity to come together and create a cooperative lunch also know as Stone Soup. The classrooms will be reading the Stone Soup book and having discussions about community offerings and participation. More information on this event will follow.

Thanksgiving Break is November 26th-28th.

Thank you to all of our families for all that you do to help your children have good days at school. It is greatly appreciated!!!

In Peace,

Ms. Jen, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Pam & Ms. Rachel


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