Hello everyone, we are hopeful that later this March we will see more signs of spring! This past month we created a few works, such as exploring play dough and even making our own play dough from scratch and everyone got to take a piece home. We also created a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift, everyone loved helping kneading the dough before pressing their hand or foot prints, whichever they preferred. We have been introducing more primary materials, giving everyone more complex and complicated works.

As for March, we are hoping more spring weather will occur, but just a reminder to please bring in snow gear for the first couple weeks. So far, we have celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday, everyone enjoyed cracking open their naturally green egg, and having some ham, cheese, and bread to go along with it while in our pajamas and reading Dr. Seuss stories. For the rest of the month we are planning on creating another art project for the silent auction in April, everyone will be participating in creating the project, and we hope everyone can make it to the auction.

Love, Miss Yoonju, Miss Caila and Miss Erin