Dear Families

I think it is safe to say that Spring is finally here! This past month we germinated some seeds in the classroom and sent them home. We hope everyone was able to plant it together. We talked about how the water and sun help the seeds grow into a small plant that will continue to grow. We have noticed all of our friends growing bigger too. We appreciate all the donated seedlings; we enjoyed planting and watering them.

Miss Erin made some paintbrushes using plants we found on the playground, they were fascinated with this idea and loved painting with their natural paintbrushes. We have also introduced a Mint Grinding work, where they take some dried mint tea leaves and grind them up, we then ask if 

they want to bring it home to share with their family or pour it into some water for a refreshing drink.

For May, we are planning on creating a special Mother’s Day gift. As the days get nicer we will be bringing some work outside, such as the water table, painting, and spraying tissue paper onto paper to create a beautiful picture.

On May 24th there will be a ‘Summer Send Off’ night, where we will talk about the importance of keeping a routine even when school has ended, and giving a few helpful tips to use at home. Dinner and childcare will be available for $10 per family. Dinner: 5:30-6pm; free workshop: 6-7:30pm. Please register to join us at

Miss Caila, Miss Yoonju and Miss Erin