Oct15 toddler

Greetings Toddler Families!

Thank you all for participating in Parent/Teacher Conferences! It was great for us to check in with all of you about your child and what’s to come for them. Open communication and connection is a priority for us, and helps us get to know the “whole picture” of your child.
During the month of November, we will be introducing more group projects based in art and food preparation. These sorts of projects have many benefits for a toddler: they are rich in sensory experiences, they build community and social skills, and are great practice for following precise steps and observing outcomes.
This month we will also be focusing on more counting and quantity activities. Just a reminder that we focus on numbers 1 through 4 and prioritize the understanding of quantity rather than simply knowing how to say the names of the numbers in order (rote counting). One simple way you can carry this through at home is by helping your child count slowly and point to/touch each item as they say the number.
We will also be encouraging many of the older students to use the toilet during diaper changes and at other appropriate transitions. We recommend having realistic, simple books about using the toilet at home to keep these ideas fresh in your child’s mind.
Toddlers will not be participating in Grandparent’s Day as having a grandparent/special friend in the room would most likely be very distracting to them. We are brainstorming the best way for our class to be involved with our Stone Soup community meal. Stay tuned….
Miss Mari and Miss Caila

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