Dear Toddler Families,

In three short weeks of school our students have been growing and learning so much: We have gotten used to classroom routines, practiced eating and drinking at the table and standing diaper changing with help from students.
Oct 15-14We have gotten to know each other and are coming together as a community. Our toddlers are increasingly aware of themselves and of each other, and are playing and working together. We are enjoying our morning gathering of songs and conversation about the day. We are getting familiar with the other students and teachers that we see and hear in our building.

Fall is here, and we will start fall-themed activities using apples, pumpkins and leaves. Our students will be introduced to shapes and colors and work on their motor skills. Those who are showing signs of physical and emotional readiness will begin toilet training.

As the weather changes, we will continue to go outside every day it is possible. Please be sure to send in appropriate clothing for your child. All clothing should be marked with the child’s name or initials, especially coats, hats, and mittens. Thanks!

Here is a good option for mittens and a hat that work well for toddlers:

I am looking forward to meeting with you all in our parent/teacher conferences on November 2nd. We will send pre-conference questionnaires home in your child’s backpack.

Happy Fall,

Miss Mari and Miss Caila

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