Happy December!

This past month has been so fun and eventful. Everyone has been working on their cutting skills. We cut carrots, cheese, and apples getting ready for the Stone Soup Day.

There has been a lot of hand projects this month too. We painted our hands to create a turkey and a poem, and handed them out on Grandparent’s Day. We also traced everyone’s hand prints and the Elementary classroom put together a big banner for the Old Saybrook Police Department.

We got to take Bob the turtle out, everyone was so excited to look at his yellow belly!

There will be a short month for December. We will be practicing our Winter Celebration songs all month. We’re going to talk about snow and how it’s getting colder. Hopefully, we will be able to play with the snow, and even bring it inside to talk about why it melts.

A few of our friends have been getting ready to move up to primary. They’ve been practicing the brown stairs, pink tower, and knob cylinders.   

Please remember to send your child to school in the appropriate attire. Even when it begins to snow we will be going outside. Be sure to send in their snow suit, snow boots, mittens and hats. Also try to write their name or initials inside, so we don’t mix them up!

Happy Holidays,

Miss Caila, Miss Yoonju and Miss Erin